Frequently Asked Questions


1)     Where are you located?   We are located at 5-9 Lombard Street La Penitence, Georgetown, Guyana.


2)     What shipping line do you represent?  We are proud agents for Hapag-Lloyd and Mitsui O.S.K   shipping lines.


3)     Which country do you ship to/from?  Asia, Europe, Far East, North America, South America and Caribbean ports.


4)     What kind of shipping services do you offer?  We offer Customs Brokerage, Insurance, transportation, Import/Export, Clearing and Forwarding and stevedore services.


5)     Do you provide insurance services?  Yes we do. We provide Marine insurance. Our services include: ship and cargo surveys, claims adjusting, insurance coverage provision, and claims investigations.


6)     Can the freight rates change?  Yes, it can under term and conditions of the line.


7)     How will I know when my containers arrive?  Arrival notices are sent 3 days prior to vessel arrival, followed by telephone calls.


8)     What is the sailing schedule?   Two vessels arrive weekly, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please click on the link for further information. www.hlag.com


9)     Is your terminal well equipped?   Yes, we have a modernized stacker, new fleet of forklifts and new haulers. 


10) What is the transit time from your transshipment port?  We are offering eight (8) days from Caucedo, Dominica to Guyana.


11) What is the free time being offered by the line?  Fourteen (14) free days for dry containers and three (3) days for reefer containers.


12)  Can I get credit from GNSC?  Yes, please contact us to learn more about our credit policy.


13) What time does the terminal closed?  The terminal closes at 15:30hrs.


14) What happens if my cargo is damaged?  Surveyors from our Insurance Department are there to guide you. For more information please click on the link.  www.gnsc.com


15) Is your company ISO certified? Yes, we are ISO certified (9001/2008 standard)


16) Why should I choose GNSC?  We are customer friendly, very efficient, we have competitive rates and the best transit time.


17) Do I get any discount?  Yes, base on the circumstances.


18) Are there any vacancies? Please click on the link for our current openings. 


19) Do you offer Bond storage? Yes we do have bond facilities.


20) Do you have space to rent? Yes, we do. Please contact our marketing department on 225-0850