Guyana National Shipping Corporation Ltd has been the Lloyd's Agent in Georgetown, Guyana since 1887 and has been appointed as an Agent for the American Institute of Underwriters and several other prominent Underwriting Agencies in Europe, Asia and the Far East.

Our services offered are as follows:

Marine Cargo Surveying

Inspection of cargo at Consignees' premises and on wharves.

Cargo Claim Adjustments

Adjustments are carried out on behalf of several of our principals who have authorised us to make local payments.

Ship Surveys

These include - condition, hatch cleanliness, ullage, draught, towing arrangements and securing surveys.

Investigative Surveys

We are involved in various types of investigative surveys, such as, Medical Insurance, sickness and death, loss of travel belongings and other personal losses.

Marine Transit Insurance

Through a Lloyd's Broker we arrange insurance coverage for consignees and consignors.

Financial And Professional Insurance

Indemnity Insurance - Through a Lloyd's Broker, we arrange insurance coverage for areas, such as, Commercial Crime, Computer Fraud and Plastic Card Loss.





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